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Situated in the very south of South America, Argentina is shaped like a huge triangle. It rests its back on the Andes chain and narrows from the tropical north down to the south.
Its vast territory provides a great variety of climates and landscapes: high mountains, forests, glaciers, long rivers, the surprising "pampas" (treeless plains), vast crop fields, vineyards valleys, the golden Atlantic seashore, beautiful lakes and, in the southern end beyond the strait where the two oceans meet, Tierra del Fuego, a fascinating island.

Further down, lies the Antarctic Continent, where Argentina’s territory ends in a wonderful white landscape.
Everything is superlative. In the north-east, the jungle in Misiones and the wide Iguazú River and its majestic falls. In the north-west, the endless Altiplano, with its surprisingly colored and snow-covered hills. In the south, the imposing Andes mountains, the vineyards in Cuyo, the smooth hills in San Luis, the typical "lenga" woods in Neuquén and finally, the valleys and the petrified millenarian trees in the Patagonia. As regards culture, Argentina has achieved high standards since the very beginning of its independent life. This can be seen in the refined expression of art, music and literature.
Argentina has the charm of a Latin country with all the influence of the European culture.
It's not only the astounding natural qualities, but also the hospitality of its people, that make Argentina an attractive country to visit.

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