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Finisterris Lodge Relax is the first luxury 5 star Lodge in America offering private spa facilities in each cabin, with spectacular panoramic views at the Edge of the Herat. It is a unique concept blending premium service, privacy, high-end comfort, wellness and personalized attention. Situated 150 metres away, cabins offer 5 spacious rooms: a living room with home theatre and fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and dining-room, and en suite bathroom and fireplace in the suite. The private spa in each cabin will make your stay unique. Have you ever imagined enjoying one or more sauna sessions at any time without being disturbed? Or feeling the hydrotherapy foam while you stare at the moon or the immensity of the landscape? In Finisterris Lodge Relax it is possible. Each lodge provides a sauna, Scottish & Finnish shower and ensuite double Jacuzzi. Private chef service & sommelier exclusively for you at your lodge.

Location: Located in Patagonia, Southern Argentina, 1 Km from Golf, 3 Km from Nacional Park, 5 Km Airport and 7 Km from downtown.


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