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The centenary farmhouse and surrounding buildings and the guest house, both with an English style, are surrounded by an ancient garden full of orchids and other tropical flowers, nearby there it is located the forest. In the wide and fresh balconies guest can rest and it is possible to hear in, some occasions, howling monkeys. Inside Estancia Santa Inés, there is an old Chapel with beautiful Jesuitical and Colonial pictures and every Saturday in the afternoon it gathers local people and neighbors.

Location: Only 20 km from Posadas City, Province of Misiones. It is on Provincial Route Nº 105, 20 km from the capital city (Posadas), in the area of the antiques Jesuitical Estancias.
Production: Estancia Santa Inés covers 2.000 hectares. 800 hectares of it are devoted to cultivate yerba mate which nowadays, after 90 years; it is still under full production.
Activities: Horseback riding, trekking, fauna contemplation (birds, monkeys, yakarés), rides around the hill, photographic safaris, archery, golf in a nearby club, swimming in a huge swimming pool of spring water and rides on a motorboat around Paraná River. It is also optional, night rides around Paraná River, visit to islands, fishing and camping.

Santa Inés

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