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FULL DAY LAKE EXCURSION (7 HOURS). The tour begins at Puerto Pañuelo, on the shores of the picturesque Llao Llao Peninsula. Catamarans leave from this pier towards Victoria Island. The blue waters of the Nahuel Huapi, the greenness of the trees growing on the coast and the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range that surrounds the scenery are our companions during our voyage. Its beautiful natural scenery spreads across 3,710 hectares and encloses various attractions. Victoria Island is divided into three areas: access to the public in general is not allowed in two of them, whereas the central area that may be visited by tourists. In a remote past, it would be dwelled by Indian communities that left their marks in the form of cave paintings in some areas of the island. The leafy trails that cross Victoria lead the visitors to the giant sequoias, thujas, eucalyptus, pines, oaks as well as cypresses, coihues and ñires, which are the habitat for various species, such as the pudú (the smallest deer in the world), wild boar, red deer, pheasants and countless species of birds. Some imperial shags may also be spoted in the tree tops. The del Toro, Puerto Gross, Radal and Piedras Blancas beaches are some of the most interesting nooks in Victoria Island After touring around the island, it is possible to sail to Puerto Quetrihue, located in the South of the peninsula bearing the same name, in order to visit the Arrayanes National Park. This reserve protects a myrtle forest unique in the world, with specimens of 15 meters of height, which are between 500 and 650 years old.


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