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BUENOS AIRES - Dinner & Tango Show

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of Tango, born in the brothels of the city, just before the beginning of the 1880s century. The word' Tango" refers to both a musical style and the dance performed to it.
Tango, a dance known as passionate, sensual and very elegant, was all the rage in the 1930's in Buenos Aries and Paris. Tango is not only a dance but also an obsession. For the ´tanguero´, it is as much as a part of life as eating and sleeping. Erotic and passionate, haunting and melancholic, it involves not only the body but also the soul. Yes, it is just feeling - but in one dance, you can express sad, happy, angry, relax, deep, shallow, cheerful, sorrow, painful, serious, intellectual or just playful feelings. Tango has captured the popular imagination for over one hundred years to become no less than an international cult.

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