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PUERTO MADRYN - City Tour with visit to Punta Loma

We cross the city along the waterfront avenue and go southwards along a rubble road. We pass by the Paraná Beach, where we can make out the wreck of the Le Folies vessel, which is visited by the sea fauna and chosen for the practice of scuba-diving and submarine hunting. After travelling 12 kilometres, and leaving Mount Avanzado behind, we arrive in the reserve, which is located to the South of Puerto Madryn on the shores of the Nuevo Gulf.

Punta Loma was the first reserve in Chubut. It was created in 1967 with the purpose of protecting the only permanent South American sea lion colony. A colony of cormorants and South American terns, among other sea and land birds, reptiles and mammals also dwell this protected area.
Like the arid inhospitable sceneries near the Patagonian steppe, Punta Loma there presents medium-sized cliffs that fall onto the sea and large beaches of pebbles. On a bluff overlooking the gulf lies a vantage point to watch the colony made up by about 600 specimens of South American sea lions. This mammal species is distributed along the entire Atlantic and Pacific coast in Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia. Unlike the females, the males are dark-brown-colour and have a mane. They can reach about 2.5 meters of height and weigh 350 kilos.

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