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General Info

Buenos Aires, the capital and main gateway, can be reached on direct non stop flights from the US and on daily one stops via Rio from the US East Coast and Europe. Flights also connect the West Coast of the US with Buenos Aires. South American carriers connect Buenos Aires with capital cities throughout South America.

Geeting Aorund the country
Both national carriers. Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral connect major points in Argentina with the capital. Because of the size of the country, flying is the only logical way to travel.

Entry requirements
Passport and visa: all visitors from non-border countries need valid passport. Visa requirements must be checked at the corresponding consulates.

Due the enormous extent of the country, a wide variety of climates is found: warm to hot weather in the north, cold weather in the south. Seasons are reversed, so when it is summer in the north hemisphere it is winter in Argentina. Buenos Aires is generally temperate the year round with practically no rain season.

Spanish is the official language, but English is well spoken in most of the hotels, restaurants and shops.

There is a complete religious freedom according to the precepts of the National Constitution. It is important to emphasize that religious freedom in Argentina is not just a nominal constitutional guarantee. People are really free to profess their faith, whichever it may be.

The Argentine currency is the Peso. The rate of exchange is 1 US Dollar = 3 Pesos. Foreign Currencies can be exchanged at the Ezeiza Intl. Airport, at banks or at front desk cashiers of major hotels with no significant differences in this moment.

Time Zone
Three hours less than GMT

Electric Current
Alternate current 220 volts - 50 cycles.

International calls are placed through telephone operators or by dialing directly.

Banks are open to the public: monday to friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Handicapped people
Disabled people will find the necessary facilities in most of the hotels.

Land Public Transport
Taxi: The city of Buenos Aires has a good taxi service that efficiently meets all the needs, including rush hours. Buses: There is a very wide network of coaches, called "colectivos", which covers the whole city and its outskirts. This service is rendered throughout the day and the night. Underground: five interconnected lines cover the most densely populated areas of the city from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Buenos Aires is famous for its chic boutiques with the best of New York, Paris and London. A walk down elegant traffic-free Calle Florida gives the visitor almost every imaginable shopping experience. The best buys in Argentina are leather goods, furs and souvenirs from the Gaucho. There is an excellent outdoor market in historic San Telmo on the weekends that specializes in antiques and art.

Food and drink
Argentina is well-known throughout the world for the excellence of its meats, which is the result of the first-rate cattle industry developed in the country. Barbecues are tasty, plentiful and cheap. A wide range of restaurants of various categories offers all kinds of intentional specialties. In addition, Argentine wines are excellent and inexpensive, their outstanding quality is recognized throughout the world.

Water supply
Water in general is drinkable, but it is advisable, to drink mineral water. Argentina's bottled mineral water is excellent.Security We want to emphasize that Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular is a safe city, where it is possible to walk around day or night with no risk (at least no more than in Paris or Tokyo).

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