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Tourist Rights

Passengers have rights as consumers, many of them are regulated by legislation, others are unilaterally assumed responsibility for some or Operators Tourism Agencies, as organizers and consultants for travel packages and sold to customers .
This page provides information on passenger rights and rights as COVITOUR EVT Travel Organizer, recognized for its customers.
We emphasize that the primary right of a traveler is disappointed to claim.
It is important that if you feel hurt, get in touch with the company liable for the fact and to communicate orally and in writing of the event, urging that, if possible, we put the situation promptly. If this is possible, seeking unspecified damages and giving a deadline for a response to it.
It is important to keep all documents relating to the trip tickets, brochures, travel contract, original claims made on those responsible, with evidence of having been received, ticket payment, shopping, etc.. since at the time of initiating a claim will be very useful.
If the answer is not liable in the period in question has the right to address Secretaria de Turismo de la Nación and the National Consumer Law Tel 0800 666 1518.

Legal Rights

The price can not be changed unless there is third party providers properly documented by the responsible operator. In case of withdrawal, the passenger is entitled to a refund, subject to the conditions of the provider if they are already established. Responsible operator is entitled to retain up to 10%.
In case you have established a minimum number of participants for a trip, passengers have paid more than 20% and was not notified within 10 days, is entitled to receive service, even if not reaching the minimum registered .
You can cancel a hotel reservation at no cost with 10 days notice of admission, if regional groups, the notice must be with 20 days' notice and 30 days international groups.
In cases where the hotel confirmed reservations can not attend, the Responsible Operator shall require an alternative to the hotel at another facility of equal or higher next category. If it is of less importance, the Responsible Operator shall require compensation to the hotel for the passenger.

flight delays or lost in Argentina

Air Transport UNSCR 1532 establishes the conditions for provision of air transportation, defining in detail the cases of passenger requested extensions of validity, luggage, route changes, information to be provided by the company, fees, waiting lists etc. .
Among other details relevant states:

If the airline cancels or delays a flight for more than four (4) hours, or unable to provide previously confirmed seat (overbooking), or can not call at the destination of the passenger or cause a Passenger loss of a connecting flight on which you hold a confirmed reservation, the Company shall be required to:

  1. Locate the passenger on the flight immediately following the same company for your destination, or endorse it to another company, if acceptable to the passenger, or to be rerouted through another path to the destination of the passenger.
  2. compensate the passenger according to the regulations of the conveyor.
  3. immediate return, if he could claim, the price of the unused ticket.
Similarly, the carrier must provide the passenger, no charge for it, the following incidental services:
  1. Telephone communication to the destination and local communications.
  2. Meals and snacks in accordance with the waiting time to mediate to boarding another flight.
  3. service hotel accommodation, when a flight delay exceeds four hours, including transport to and from the airport.

Responsible Operator's duty is to respect the rates and be truthful in promotions.

Fair Trading Act (22.802/83) prohibits operators offer prizes for purchases subject to chance and promote competition for purchases.
The publicity to be done requires the operator in charge of providing such services on the same terms that were promoted.
Failure of Responsible Operator unless unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, entitles the passenger beyond the damages action to: Require compliance, if possible, accept equivalent; terminate the contract with a refund of the paid.

When the operator will limit its offer must inform quantitatively. (Eg limited supply "x" air spaces). The services must be clearly indicated. The airfare, arrival and departure transfer in private or regular (SIB), accommodation in hotel x of x stars.
Operator is obliged to publish the full price. If something is not included, the amount should be clarified (eg airport tax, excluding taxes, etc)
If credit sales operations, the Operator shall state: total price in cash, stock of debt, total interest payable, annual effective interest rate, method of repayment of interest, other expenses, amount and frequency of assessments, total price financed.
In case of default by the operator or provider shall be entitled to appeal to the STN and / or the National Consumer protection.

Rights by custom.

Accidents hotels and transport facilities: If you suffer any accident due to poor condition of the hotel facilities or poor maintenance of transport units, it is necessary to make the corresponding report to claim for damages. Normally, hotels and transport companies must have insurance to cover liability risks of its employees or facilities.

Robbery in hotels belongings of passengers: While most establishments state that are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables in the rooms, having a safe, common accept those compensating passengers for damages.

Compensation to Partners Credit Card: Some credit cards offer rewards to customers that have issued tickets with it. Among other benefits offered by delays or missed flights, lost baggage, and so on.


understand that in terms of advisers and organizers of the trip, we are responsible for the success of it and of the consequent satisfaction of our customers, so that in case of dissatisfaction objective of our customers and their passengers, we undertake to compensate. < br /> In case of need COVITOUR EVT has a help desk available transit passengers within 24 hours. The phone number is: From Argentina 011 15 5739 2070 from outside 54 911 5739 2070.
It is inexcusable COVITOUR EVT obligation to inform the immigration requirements, customs and health of the trips we sell, if not meet that obligation we will take care of the damages.
We undertake to provide true and sufficient to provide services, if not objective satisfaction of the quality of our services, our passengers will be compensated.
We pledge to work with the best service providers in the market in the categories chosen by our clients and / or services COVITOUR confirmed by EVT, so if no objective satisfaction for the services of our preferred providers, our passengers will be compensated.
It is inexcusable COVITOUR EVT obligation to provide adequate passenger information at the time of the reservation or contract for carriage of the various rates available and their conditions and whether it is a nonstop flight or with intermediate stops or to change aircraft on the route or if it is done in code-share or between carriers or through connection.

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