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San Luis

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San Luis San Luis San Luis San Luis

San Luis

Now unrevealing in front of the traveller’s eyes, San Luis is a place where nature and man have come together to create a unique and harmonious combination of pristine wilderness, human comforts and works.
San Luis is open to visitors without restrictions all year long and offers circuits covering its history and palaeontology treasures. From a small stream where to appease your thirst, and the impulse to get in touch with untamed nature in live scenery, sketched over its imposing Pampa sierras, to the main tourist services that each and every traveller requires for his safety and comfort.
Nearby the city there are other tourism attractions of great importance, such as the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park. Though in general, San Luis offers important tourist zones recreating a panorama of sierras and hollows, among splendorous and peaceful towns such as Potrero de Los Funes, El Trapiche or Carolina.

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