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Because of our own experience we know too well that our guests take great pleasure in travelling in a comfortable and smart way wherever they go. They like to ask about the destinations they are heading to, they like to know in advance the main features of the hotels they will be staying in and to be assisted in their own language.

Nowadays there are many ways to travel around Argentina and South America: tourist packages, tailor made, corporate and incentive trips. Whatever the destination or motivation, even when taking adventure tours, our visitors want to be reassured that they will feel safe and protected.

In Argentina our guests can experience the excitement of flying from one end to the other in Patagonia on a plane similar to those used during World War II. Staying in a windowless hotel in the high plateau of la Puna; swimming in the fresh waters of a fantastic river or lying on a hammock in the middle of the northeastern forest, hearing the rain falling and catching a glimpse of unknown animals… everything is possible in Argentina.

We always encourage our guests to experience what our travel destinations have to offer. We can do that because we know every tourist spot, every hotel and road to make feel them comfortable and protected.

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