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Since the begining, in 1989, to be endorsed by The National Tourism Quality Management and incorporated in the National Register of Tour Operators has certified and ISO standards, Covitour has the vision to be leader in assisting and provision of travel packages and tourist services highly qualified in Argentina and South America to tour operators and international tourism agencies, corporations, PCO's, incentive travel planners, etc.
Our clients, including some of the most important Companies and Tour Operators in the world, considered us an important component of the success of his efforts in trade and business and entrust us with their main asset, its staff and its clients.

Our company develops and runs programs and tour packages in Argentina and South America to the extent of each customer, differentiating the nature and needs of each country, each company and each individual case.

Covitour promote tourism as a tool for environmental protection, in that sense we develop ecological tourism packages. Our travel program and our guides are designed to care for the land, care for the animals and care for the cultures and the indigenous inhabitants.

Covitour is committed socially, we are currently developing a program for the Aboriginal community solidarity Guarani "Shorty" in the province of Misiones, Argentina, near the Iguazu Falls.


Our History

COVITOUR was founded in Buenos Aires in 1989 as an integral business travel and tourism, pursuing the objectives of quality, innovation and efficiency of travel packages in Argentina and abroad.

The Company is legally constituted as a corporation and is registered with the AFIP CUIT No. 30-70920032-8.

The creation of a specialized campus has allowed us meet the more complex combination of services, potions to our clients as strategic partners.

The Company is very prestigious, which is reflected in our sustained growth.

From our origins, we develop customized travel packages and work together with customers.

Currently COVITOUR is a well recognized company in the market, has 16 employees, is a IATA member,a CAT (Cámara Argentina de Turismo) member, the Chamber ATN (Argentina Travel Network), comprising camera leading companies in order to have greater bargaining power production based on the group and AAAVYT Argentina Association of Travel agencies and tourism.

Covitour is also registered as an Official Tour Operator in the main list of Tour Operators of the National Tourism Quality Management, wich endorses companies committed to excellence in service.


Our Mission

Identify the processes that add value and lead to improved organizational performance.

The staff is the essence of our organization. A high involvement of employees, their training and experience, allows a high degree of satisfaction and personal and professional development in the Enterprise.

Our organization is customer oriented. Our leadership and experience have been verified by customers who demand excellence in the services received.

Our organization promotes the speed and efficiency of our commercial departments to provide creative solutions to our customers needs.

Our organization believes that providers and vendors are strategic partners.

Covitour consider as main and strategic policy, promoting enviroment protection and care.

Covitour promote community engagement solidarity actions.


Our Vision

Covitour be a leader in the market for Travel & Tourism Enterprises Based on its highly qualified professionals in the continuous improvement of its services and its innovative travel packages.

Covitour be a reference for customers and suppliers as to their System of Quality Management.

Covitour be a fixture in local and international market for the quality and skills of their tourism consulting services, meeting planner, travel packages and tourism in general.

Covitour generate profitability and ensure their presence in this market.

Covitour will develop technology in touristic services for personal satisfaction to preserve his leadership in this matter.


Our Values

  • The customer always comes first.
  • Respect for the opinion and customer feedback.
  • Be reliable and meet the needs of our customers.
  • Ensure international tourist service quality and promoting continuous improvement for market leadership.
  • Suitable for the particular demands of each client.
  • The professionalism of our human resources, their attitudes, knowledge, experience and constant training.
  • In 2007, Covitour was included in the Directory of Organizations and Distinguished Certified Quality Tourism in the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.



For us customer always comes first. We have to meet suitability and structure from large or small groups to individual travelers. We specialize in out off the beaten track packages, incentive travel, exotic trips, etc. Our bundled packages between Argentina and Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Brazil are highly creative and high impact.

Each of our proposals and travel packages in Argentina and South America are customized and are tailored to the needs.

Knowledge of the destinations we operate.
We have a deep and thorough knowledge of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and other South American countries, as well as all the infrastructure, facilities and attractions of each of the destinations in Argentina and South America which we operate. Every year we relieve the facilities and tourist resources of the Iguazu Falls, El Calafate and the glacier region, Peninsula Valdez, Ushuaia, Bariloche and more than a dozen other destinations.

The company is 23 years old and has acquired extensive experience in tailored travel and tourism packages in Argentina and South America. In the events, meetings and conferences market along Argentina, we have recent successful experience performing hundreds of events, for institutions and companies. In the market for incoming tourism, we are one of the main promoters of Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, northwestern Argentina and Patagonia and we have a brilliant experience in handling incentive trips, small and large groups and FITs.

Commitment to Quality.
We provide precision, speed and professionalism in all ower recommendations. During year 2007 we have certified ISO 9001-2000 quality standards with Bureau Veritas.

Institutional Recognition.
Covitour is reconize as a member in the Register of Tourism Providers from the Buenos Aires goverment and at the Receptive Operators exclusive list of the Argentinean Ministery of Tourism. We are IATA members and CAT (Cámara Argentina de Turismo) members.



COVITOUR is a Tour Operator and tourism consulting firm that sells travel packages and tourist services in Argentina and other South American countries. It is also operator and Meeting Planner Outbound travel agency and corporate. We ensure the quality, competitiveness and tourist service excellence, we establish a quality policy with particular emphasis on:

  • The interpretation of the requirements of our customers.
  • Quick response we give to our customers' requirements.
  • Knowledge of what we sell.
  • Conducting ongoing inspection trips to the destinations they sell the company, including Calafate, Iguazú, Salta, Bariloche, Peninsula Valdez, and so on.
  • Analyzing and monitoring all processes and evaluation of customer satisfaction for the decision-making.
  • Evaluating suppliers.
  • Evaluation of staff satisfaction.
  • Internal process excellence.
  • Control benefits for the detection of improvement actions.
  • Fulfillment of agreed conditions.
  • Adequate training of our staff.
  • Promote constant innovation of our services, processes and procedures.
  • Needs analysis of new services required by the market.
  • Promote constant innovation in the provision of travel in Argentina and South America.
  • Being highly sensitive to environmental protection in the destinations served.


Ms. Patricia Laura Perez
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Cristian van Gent
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Sol Piñero
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Incoming Assitant mananger
Ms. Mariana Pastene
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Account Executive :
Rocio Duran
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Nicolas Kerekes
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Department's Chief
Susana Perez
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Andrea Camera
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Special Accounts
Lic. Pablo Ferrari
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Administrative Chief
Liliana Ramos
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Cristina Callisaya
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Carla Rey
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