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Paraguay is a singular tourist destination located in the heart of South America. It borders on the Northern side with Bolivia and Brazil, on the Eastern side with Brazil and Argentina, on the Southern side with Argentina, and on the Western sides. It is a country to be discovered with the same passion as that of the early explorers that arrived to these lands of sun and forests.

Rolling hills of the Sierras, natural reserves of dense subtropical forests, extensive palm tree savannas, and an infinite number of rivers, streams, and lagoons make up the varied Paraguayan landscape, the original territory of the extensive Guaraní World.
Green and dense forests, sheer and aggressive hills, lagoons, cascades, rivers, creeks, parks, and natural reserves with rich flora and varied fauna, both with exotic species. In this backdrop, the local population and immigrants of German descent and twenty native ethnic groups, create a cross-cultural environment of great interest for tourists and academics that visit the country.


The city was founded by Juan de Salazar y Espinoza in 1537, and has been called “mother of cities” because during the colonial age Asunción became an important place to rest and a supplying center for those who arrived from Europe and the River Plate, searching for the gold and the silver of the Alto Perú. Due to the great number of public works and the buildings constructed during the government of Don Carlos Antonio López and his son Francisco Solano, Asunción became a modern city. Today the city has a lovely appearance because of the combination of antique and modern buildings. Asunción offers many different alternatives with proper infrastructure equipped with the latest technology devices for congresses, conventions, fairs and international seminars.

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