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Covitour was founded by us in 1989, with 34 years in the travel industry, we base our first-hand experience of traveling in every corner of our destinations.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers by car on main roads, secondary roads, and even inhospitable roads. 

We also discovered that many people craved experiences away from the crowds and enjoyed immersive, experiential travel. 

These travelers sought out-of-the-ordinary destinations where they could connect with untouched nature, observe wildlife in its natural habitat, discover hidden wonders, and immerse themselves in historical and cultural aspects. In addition, they longed to interact with native ethnic groups and get to know the locals and their customs. 

Some preferred to travel in small groups with other travel enthusiasts, while others wanted a more private experience.

With this understanding and motivation, we felt there was a space to create unique travel experiences, with a personal and human touch, for others and we made a decision that would change our lives.

That's how, three years ago, we left our desks behind. We rooted and moved our headquarters to San Cosme y Damian, a living museum and magical town in the South of Paraguay, stopped being just entrepreneurs and became companions for our client's trips.  

Thus, with our 4x4, we undertook trips through the hidden routes of southern South America with our clients. 

Since then, we have accompanied numerous travelers on the roads of Argentina, Paraguay and other neighboring countries of the Southern Cone, discovering together the hidden treasures of the region.

Those travelers became friends with us! So, we are happy about that.

In addition, we take advantage of our professional training and experience in the international tourism market to develop another of our passions to help organizations or individuals find solutions to the areas of opportunity of their projects.