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Below, are detailed the general conditions that regulate the trips provided by COVITOUR EVT. Particular conditions will be agreed with each tour operator and/or for specific groups.

How to book

Reservation is possible by sending an e mail to incoming@covitour.com.  Our confirmation will be received within the following 24 hours if received during working days from Monday to Thursday. Reservations received on Fridays will be confirmed on the following Monday. 

Applications and payments

1) The price and/or reservation of the services included in the confirmation could be changed without prior notice due to force majeure reasons. 

2) Every amount paid before the confirmation of the services, will be received as part of the deposit. Once the deposit is confirmed, an advance of 40% will be requested as part of the deposit as well. The remaining amount shall be paid in the appointed dates; if those dates are not already defined, it shall be paid no longer than 20 days before the arriving of the passenger. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the deposit will be subjected to cancellation without prior notice.

3) Operations in credit shall be according in special agreement.


They should be notified always in writing.

1) COVITOUR EVT reserves the right, for technical or operative reasons, to amend totally or partially the services which are part of the package or tour confirmed.

2) The hotels confirmed could be changed for others, same or better category within the same area without any charge for the passenger. Regarding this variation the passenger will not have the right to receive any compensation.

3) Covitour EVT may cancel any tour or may modify its duration, due to any of the following circumstances established in the Section N° 24 of Decree N° 2182/72, Section N° 24:  

a) Force majeure and Acts of God;

b) When the modifications in the tariffs or rate of money exchange demands a substantial raise in the price of the trip that leads to cancellations between the subscribed people;

c) When the minimum passengers required in the confirmation does not be enough; the cancellation must be announced to the travelers at least with 10 days previous of the departure. 

4) In the case that the trip needs to be shorten or extended due to causes beyond COVITOUR EVT’ s control, such us strikes or natural disasters, etc.  COVITOUR EVT keeps the right to cancel the trip or modify its length as well as the itinerary according to the previous booking, and it is obliged to refund only the amount for the services not supplied less expenses.

5) Once the trip has started, the suspension, modification or interruption of the services by the passenger for any personal reason or health will not allow any claim, refund or return.

Cancellations and Refunds


1) In the case of a voluntary discontinuance that affects the services already contracted by the agency, the refund will be subjected to the general conditions of each provider. In case of refund, COVITOUR EVT may withhold the price of all the expenses the agency may have incur plus the 10% commission of the services contracted with a third party when the cancellation exceeds the 30 days of anticipation. After 30 days before departure until 15 days before departure, the charge for cancellation will be 30% of the value of the trip. If such cancellation is 14 days or less before departure, the charge of cancellation will be 100%.

2) Penalty for group bookings

Land Services: For conditions that are not in separated agreement, COVITOUR EVT reserves the right to apply penalties according the following conditions:

More than 8 weeks before                           15%

Less than 8 weeks before departure           40%

Less than 4 weeks before departure           50%

Less than 21 days prior departure               70 % 

Less than 14 days prior departure     No refund

No refund is available for services not used or cancelled after the tour started.

Any particular condition stated by the service providers will be informed at the time of booking. 

Not regular transport or Charter

The same conditions of the previous point are valid. Notwithstanding that, in these cases it will be refunded only the proportion of the corresponding price of the land services (hotels, pension, excursions, etc) which determine the organizer according to the method that the provider of services operates. This clause should be determined in the first document given to the passenger in order to be valid.


All the refund claims should be in writing and addressed to the Travel Agency had been chosen to contract services, within 30 days after the end of the trip. The refunds, in case they may happen, will be done to the same Travel Agency. No refund will be considered for the services that the passenger voluntarily rejected or for those services that could not be provided due to force majeure reasons, such as bad weather conditions, strikes, etc. The refunds will be according the fees of the services. We recommend trip insurance or travel assistance for every passenger with cancellation clause. 

Not included in our Tours or Services

- Tips, extras, drinks, laundry, medicines, personal items, etc.

- Boarding tax, taxes over services, VAT and other taxes (current or future), any services that is not specifically indicated in the voucher issued by COVITOUR EVT.

- Stays, food and/or additional expenses or any damages due to cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of transport, or due to unexpected reasons beyond COVITOUR EVT.

- Food in transit, unless those specify.

- Expenses and interests of credit operations. 

- Visas, Medical Insurance, legal or others.

- Additional fees for extra weight in baggage.

- Reciprocity fee required to enter Argentina 

Hotels Admission

Check in time to hotels in Argentina is at 3 pm. Some flights arrive early in the morning so, as the check out is at noon, it is possible that the rooms may not be available at the arriving time of the passenger. 

To guarantee an early check in or late check out for the passengers; the previous night should be booked and paid as well. 

Limitations for the right of stay

COVITOUR EVT has the right to expel any passenger, whose behavior, way of acting or health during the tour, became a risk or make the other passengers feel uncomfortable. Public force may be used if necessary.

International Travel Documents

Valid passport, vaccination and a visa may be required. Contact nearest Argentinean Embassy to obtain more information.

Transfers and Tours

COVITOUR EVT keeps the right to assign private cars, motor coaches or mini-buses as well as regular services (SIB), according to the number of passengers traveling at the same time.

The transfer schedule in a private or regular service will be informed to the passengers by the supplier of each service. 


The order of them might be altered due to operative reasons.


COVITOUR EVT accepts bookings subject to the following conditions:

1. COVITOUR EVT expressly states that acts as an agent in booking and/or hire different services linked and included in the respective tour or confirmation such as: hotels, ships, restaurants, airlines or any other supplier. The Airlines and/or the Transport Companies will not be responsible for any event that may occur while the passengers are not making use of the services. The responsibilities of COVITOUR EVT, whether it acts as an agent or as the organizer, will be determined according to the regulations contained in the Brussels’ Convention in relation to the Travel Agreement passed by law N° 19.018.

2. COVITOUR EVT assumes no responsibility for acts arising from acts of God or force majeure, strikes, acts of government, climatic phenomenon or acts of nature before or during the tour that limit, delay or hinders the total or partial execution of the services engaged by COVITOUR EVT, according to the Civil Code. However, COVITOUR EVT will offer assistance and look for an alternative solution in order to satisfy passengers.

3. COVITOUR EVT assumes no responsibility for damages arising from de use and handle of the baggage.

4. COVITOUR EVT assumes no responsibility for loss of documentation or any breach of migratory rules of the country of destination. COVITOUR EVT does not assume any responsibility in the case of lack of documentation or problems in the admission of passenger at international borders.

5. COVITOUR EVT does not assume any responsibility for illnesses, accidental death, acts of nature and acts of government.

6. COVITOUR EVT only assumes responsibility of its own acts and its employee’s acts.

7. Any activity hired directly by passengers or through someone else that may be considered a risky activity and will be under their own supervision and responsibility.

8. It is strongly recommended to the Tour Operators / Travel Agencies to advise the passengers regarding a good travel assistance that covers illness, death, loss of baggage, etc.

9. COVITOUR EVT works with first line providers. However, should be necessary or eventually recommended a change in the already booked itinerary, there will be no refunds for the services that have not been used.

10. Once the deposit is received, there shall be an explicit declaration that the Operator / Agency agree with the conditions previously detailed.


We have carefully compiled all the information spread in the catalogue; however, if due to force majeure problems we should alter some of these programs, we will notify you as soon as possible.

COVITOUR EVT assumes no responsibility for any alteration in the prices published, due to monetary devaluation, fuel increase or airfare increase, or currency fluctuations in the international market. The prices indicated in COVITOUR EVT´s confidential tariff are subject to modifications without prior warning.

Arbitration Clause

Matters that arise due to a celebration, fulfillment, breach, extension or cancellation of the present agreement, shall be submitted to the Court of Arbitration of the Argentine Association of Tourism and Travel Agency. In the case of submission to said jurisdiction, the contracting parties are subject and accept the conditions established in the Court of Arbitration Regulation.

Application Rules

The present agreement and in the case of provision of services, Law N° 18.829 and its regulation by the Brussels Regulation passed by Law N° 19.918 will be in force.

These General Conditions in addition to the documentation handed to the passengers will constitute the Travel Agreement established by the aforementioned Convention.