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Experience the different, reaching on-the-road places reserve for a few people who know the best and how to get there.
Our passion is offering tours for individuals or small groups, trying to amaze our customers in any destination. Driving you always along scenic roads with the best to see, instead of the shorter or the better-paved road. We achieve this and even more.

Immersive expeditions

Be prepared to feel unusual emotions, feed your curiosity, explore a breathtaking landscape full of pristine beauty, strange flora and fauna, discover the local way of life, interact with its people, history, culture and rich cuisine, and be escorted by real local people in a comfortable and protected way.


Charming accommodations

We choose accommodation especially for its character, historical connections and for the warm welcome and standards of services, even at a city hotel or in a remote refuge in the jungle. We like to suggest small hotels in the middle of nature, at night, probably you would not have the same amenities that cities offer, but they always offer very good customer service, excellent local food, probably some a warm touch to be different and nice, but as always, will depends on your needs, choices and personal travel criteria.


Trips by design to breaking the stereotypical "tourist package" so extended today.

Since 1989, we have organized unforgettable travel experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups from all over the world. Whether you are leaving for a short trip or even weeks, we will create specially designed itineraries and tours to suit your personal needs and style.


Patagonian expedition cruises

Explore some of the planet’s most remote places and Patagonian incredible scenery through glaciers and lakes, fjords or the South Seas, on board an expedition ship designed with the passenger's comfort in mind. Embark on a wonderful, unique and stimulating adventure.



Travel to the ends of the planet in a voyage accompanied by a dedicated and experienced staff of expedition leaders, naturalists and lecturers who will share with you their enthusiasm and knowledge of the region. Covitour offers an unparalleled adventure in comfort to one of the world’s last wild places.