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For Covitour' staff the customer always comes first. We have to meet suitability and structure from large or small groups to individual travelers. We specialize in unconventional packages, incentive travel, exotic trips, etc. Our bundled packages between Argentina and Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Brazil are highly creative and high impact.

Each of our proposals and travel packages in Argentina and South America are customized and are tailored to the needs of them.


We have a deep and thorough knowledge of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and other South American countries, as well as all the infrastructure, facilities and attractions of each of the destinations in Argentina and South America which we operate. Every year we check and site inspect the facilities and tourist resources of the Iguazu Falls, El Calafate and the glacier region, Peninsula Valdez, Ushuaia, Bariloche and more than a dozen other destinations.


The Company is in the market since 1989 and has acquired extensive experience in the travel and tourism packages in Argentina. In the market for events and conferences in Argentina, we have recent successful experience performing hundreds of events, for institutions and companies. In the market for incoming tourism, we are one of the main promoters of Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, northwestern Argentina and Patagonia and we have a brilliant experience in handling incentive trips, small and large groups and FITS.


Provide precision, speed and professionalism in the quality of recommendations. We have certified ISO 9001-2000 quality standards with Bureau Veritas.


Covitour is an Official Provider of Tourism for the Goverment of the City of Buenos Aires and recognized as an Incoming Tour Operator for the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina. Among that, Covitour is a IATA member since 1989 and member of AVIABUE & AAAVYT (Associations of Tour operators in Buenos Aires and Argentina).


Covitour strongly encourages tourism as a tool for the preservation for the environment. We are aware of the importance of the fact that small individual impacts our business produces can produce great changes on a global level. It is for this reason that we stimulate ethical practices and initiatives that are social and environmentally respectful of those ecosystems where we act.