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Andes, Mendoza

Argentina's Scenic West - Mountains & Wines at Mendoza

At the foot of the Andes, Mendoza is a modern city set on historic foundations -Libertador General San Martin crossed The Andes from here to help in the liberation of Chile.
This region is the cradle of the Argentine wine and the main producer of the world-famous Malbec grapevine. The whole city is prepared for the visitors to enjoy wine at its best.

Mendoza is also the perfect base to start the crossing of the imposing Andean Range. Even if it is a think barrier between two countries, it has modern routes that connect Argentina with Chile surrounded by spectacular landscapes. 

Our five reasons to visit Mendoza 

1) Aconcagua Peak 

One of the most imposing landscapes of the country is the Aconcagua Peak that rises in the Northwest of Mendoza province reaching almost 7.000 meters above sea level.

Aconcagua boasts to be the highest peak in America. Attractive, sober and challenging, this peak is preserved by the Province Park of the same name.  

There is a viewpoint next to a small lake that allows a majestic view of the Aconcagua that no visitor should miss. With its perennial snows and imposing heights, the place invites you to experience a pleasant freedom feeling that you will not want to release.   

2) High Mountain

The Andean range seduces and amazes anyone. You will notice this when you look at the wind that raises dust clouds in the summits and up there seems to be found the sublime.   

Here in the middle of the range, you will find the ruins of an old thermal hotel that was destroyed by a mudslide in 1965. It is not an interesting fact by itself, but it turns into an attraction when you combine this event with the soil components and its effect on the ruins over the decades. The high concentration of iron oxide and the ochre color of the sulfur have added many particular calcareous formations to the destroyed building. This area was occupied since the Precolumbian ages and this is why it is called the Inca Bridge, Puente del Inca in the Spanish language. 


3) The Wine route 

The wine route in Mendoza has the slopes of the Andean Range as the perfect frame. It is an experience that invites you to taste the exquisite varietals while you enjoy the Andean landscapes. Mendoza is not only the cradle of the Malbec wine but also one of the World Wine Capitals.  

Prepare yourself to be welcomed by a glass of wine in all the wineries you will visit. You will feel enchanted by pairing this elixir with the warm people that loves talking about their land. This is how you will really learn about the wine process in its place of origin and with all the senses. 

4) Mendoza gastronomy

While a kid or a trout are cooked in a brick oven, a warm conversation takes place and every guest gets into a warm atmosphere in which you will feel more than comfortable. The hosts, being either expert oenologists or country families will love to share their secrets among the vineyards and the oak barrels.  

5) Active Tourism 

If you look for active options, Mendoza is also the right place. Nature was so generous that there is also a wide offer to take part in skiing, rafting, trekking, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing and paragliding.

Mendoza, at the foot of The Andes


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Mendoza, the land of the wine

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