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Bariloche, lakes and forest in north patagonia

Beautiful Bariloche is located in the heart of Argentina’s Lake District and is the ideal base for exploring the nearby lakes. Ideal to explore the Alpine-like town plaza, taste some of the delicious of local cuisine, or walk by the lake on your own to start feeling the magnificence of the Lake District.

Many people find the landscapes on Bariloche similar to the Alpes valleys. The difference is that in Bariloche you will see them the same way they were 500 years ago.  

Five reasons to visit Bariloche 

1) Impressive landscapes 

Nature has been extremely generous with this part of the country. Blue lakes and old growth forests makes Bariloche an special, almost magical place. The snow in winter makes the scene even more spectacular and the brightness of the sun in Summer makes Bariloche the ideal place to be visited all year round. 

2) Lake Crossing through the Andean Range 

The journey starts in Bariloche pier and ends in Puerto Varas, a beautiful small city at the Chilean side. It combines land journeys and lake navigation along three lakes of singular beauty and very different between them. 

3) Myrtle Wood 

After navigation the lake, a thick myrtle tree forest is reached, called Bosque de Arrayanes in Spanish. The myrtle is a unique tree due to its very smooth cinnamon-color bark that features fair reddish marks as it peels off. This provides distinctive hues in the forest. Towards the end of the summer, the myrtle trees bloom into white flowers that will turn into shiny black fruit in the fall. This is a perfect spot for this tree to develop, as it needs plenty of water. Specimens reaching 15 meters of height stand out. Some of them can live for between 500 and 650 years.

4) Exquisite chocolate & beer 

Pioneers of European origin have brought ot the area its expertise in home made chocolate, as well as handy crafted beer and the smoked meat process. A chocolate museum will show part of this history and the factories will show the entire process. The local beer tasting is also a must.

5) Active tourism activities 

Bariloche is the right place not only for a quiet touring but also to participate actively in sport activities connected to nature. 
Fly fishing, skiing, canopy, river rafting, horseback riding, trekking, kayaking and mountain biking are just a few of the options that you may consider to join during your stay in Bariloche. 

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