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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina, is situated on Western coast of the Rio de la Plata.
Usually mentioned as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires proudly embraces this title. Buenos Aires is elegant and sophisticate, its charming streets invite you to be explored at your own pace or in the company of a warm host. 

Treat yourself with the best beef and excellent Malbec wines as well as the finest international cuisine. Both the award-winning restaurants and the typical ¨bodegones¨ converge in Buenos Aires. Allow a ¨bodegón¨ show you their home made specialties prepared by following ancient recipes brought by immigrants.     

The weather is mild all year round and this is another reason to fall deeply in love with Buenos Aires. 

Ten reasons to visit Buenos Aires

Some of the spots you should visit, no matter how short is your stay.

1) Tango: History and Passion

“Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the bandoneon, by the sensuality of the dance, by the nostalgic poetry… and learn the most intimate secrets of the city. It is one of the essential tourist attractions in Buenos Aires”.  



2) Know the spirit of the gauchos

Argentine pampas gauchos (countrymen) are the main workers on the estancia. The Gauchos became greatly admired and renowned in legends, folklore and in literature and became an important part of their regional cultural tradition. 


3) Feeling the magic of Colon Theatre

The emblematic Opera House in Buenos Aires, acoustically considered to be amongst the five best opera venues in the world. You cannot miss the opportunity to join the guided visit of this iconic place. 

If your dates match, you may consider to enjoy a function of Ballet or a concert and experience an unforgettable moment.

4) The wonderful Delta of Parana river

The City of Tigre is a destination neither foreigners nor local people should miss.

Its main attraction is the Fruit Market, a different, almost magical world. The port has three inner docks. From one of them it is possible to go into the impressive islands and islets labyrinth.


5) A journey of one day to Uruguay

 Crossing the amazing La Plata River, only 1 hour by ship is placed Colonia del Sacramento.

This little city invites you to submerge in its history. Due to its architectural charm and beauty UNESCO recently declared it as World Heritage site. 


6)  A truly memorable experience at Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery concentrates prestigious art and architecture masterpieces rose in honor of traditional families and distinguished characters in Argentinian history that lie there.  For tourists, the cemetery offers the chance to learn a little about Argentinian history, and also take some fantastic photos.

Eva Peron's Memorial, is still the people’s favorite.

Visit it in our city tour Link a excursions

7) Living the pasion of the futbol

The “futbol fever” every Sunday runs wild in the hearts of the Argentinean people. The Futbol stops the activities of the whole country for a couple of hours every Sunday. Enjoy a bubbling atmosphere of emotions, an experience for the senses, a series of unforgettable pictures; all of these arise in an Argentina’s futbol match. 

8) Enjoy a cup of coffee at Café Tortoni  

This coffee house with over 150 years It is Argentina's oldest coffee place. Besides, it is one of the most beautiful of the world. Beyond its artistic, historical or nostalgic value, there is one element which makes the Café Tortoni a magical place: it is a fabulous place to have a coffee.

Visit it in our city tour. Link a excursions. 

During the city tour you may add a coffee stop at the famous Tortoni Café. A coffee or hot chocolate with ¨churros¨ (a typical Argentinean pastry) are the right choices there.  

9) Going back to the past in La Boca

La Boca neighborhood hosts the mythical Buenos Aires, where tango and soccer live together between metal sheet houses painted in vibrant colors and vanguardist artistic foundations. And Caminito is its core, the most tourist place of the area. It is in order to remember or forget, as you wish. 

Visit it in our city tour. Link a excursiones (ver arriba, cemetery con link a city tour)

10)  Plaza de Mayo square

Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, this square has always been hub of political life in Argentina since the Revolution on 25th May 1810. 

Witness to the most important events in Argentinean history, Plaza de Mayo is surrounded by such symbolic buildings such as the Cabildo, the Cathedral, and the Casa Rosada, offices of the President of the Nation.

Visit it in our city tour. Link a excursions. (ver arriba, cemetery con link a city tour)

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