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Iguassu Falls

Jungle, rivers and falls at Iguaz√ļ

At the border conjunctions of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, the spectacular falls are viewed up close from the Argentine side. 
Voted as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Iguaz√ļ Falls is undoubtedly one of the most imposing natural attractions in Argentina and the World.¬†

Lush and magnificent, the Missions Jungle covers the Northeast end of Argentina and reaches the adjacent regions of Brazil and Paraguay. The deep red soil of the area receives 2000 mm of rain per year.   

Five reasons to visit Iguazu 

1) Argentina side of the Falls 

The walkways in the Argentina side will immerse you almost inside the falls. You will be able to appreciate from above and below surrounded by wild jungle, exotic birds and virgin nature. You will be part of the falls and this impact will last forever. 

2) Devil`s Gorge 

There is no way to describe the feeling when you stare at the Devil`s Gorge from the Argentina viewpoint. We only guarantee that you will never forget the overwhelming roar of thousands, millions of water. It is impossible not to feel small facing such an impressive place. 

3) Brazilian side of the Falls 

Walking along the Brazilian walkways you will have the chance to admire the falls from a privileged balcony closet he falls. It is a magical spectacle and pretty different from the one at the Argentina side. 

4) The Great Adventure Speed boat & Jungle Truck 

After walking along the walkways of the Argentine side, you cannot miss an adventure filled with adrenalin. You will go through the jungle in a 4x4 truck until reaching a pier to embark in zodiac speed boats. After crossing some rapids, the boat will reach a point close to the falls from a completely different perspective: almost underwater. Prepare yourself to be amazed. 

5) San Martin Island

If the level of the Iguazu River is the right one to cross to the island, climbing 172 stone steps really pays off. The prize for the effort are the best panoramic viewpoints of the entire National Park, the island is in the middle of the river, in the middle of the Park. Take the best photos ever as if you were part of the falls. 

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