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Puerto Madryn & Península de Valdés

Wild life festival at Puerto Madryn

Whales in Puerto Madryn are seen very closely, from the coast or from the boats. It is a unique nature spectacle, ideal to combine with other fauna watching or follow the trace of the Welsh communities that arrived many decades ago. 
A small ship gets into the sea, only escorted by the sounds of nature. Sailing some quiet and transparent waters, everyone gets absorbed by the silent contemplation waiting for an approach. The whale blows are heard and suddenly they jump and remain a long while flapping with their tail out of the water.

This emotion is shared between June and December when the Southern whale migrates to the Valdes Peninsula to reproduce and breed their small calves.  

So remarkable is the wild life that UNESCO declared this site "World Heritage Site".

Five reasons to visit Puerto Madryn

1) Peninsula de Valdes. 

The Natural Protected Area of the Valdés Península is a strategic point declared as Natural World Patrimony by UNESCO (it has equally been granted the seal of conservation by Sitio Ramsar and Biosfera Reservation Peninsula Valdes). When boarding at Puerto Pirámides (100 km from Puerto Madryn) with tractors and trailers on the beach –there are no docks-, it is possible to make a promenade of around an hour and a half. And, since 2014, a semi-submersible vessel allows to observe the behavior of these animals in the depths, to look at them in the eyes and to appreciate their magnitude. Respecting the time of these enormous mammals to approach them, to contemplate them in silence and picking the right moment to appreciate their acrobatics can be considered as some unique moments. 

2) Whale watching

A boat enters faces entering the sea, with the sounds of nature as sole companion. Navigating through mild transparent waters of Golfo Nuevo, everyone gets lost in silent contemplation, awaiting for the approach. The breathing of the whales progressively gets heard, and suddenly they all jump, they all stay for a long time with their tales outside water, they hit the surface of the sea with their wings as their overall greatness surprises.

These emotion are shared every year between June and December, every time the Franca Austral whale approaches to reproduce and to raise little baby whales in the quiet waters of the Valdés Península. From a boat or from the shore, proximity to these sea giants amazes thousands of travellers on each season. 

3) Punta tombo Magellan penguin reservation

The human eye  is not able to cover the view of them all.  There are penguins  here, there, and further away. Penguins and more penguins all over the place. They all look fantastic to the eyes of the travellers, who seem  in ecstasy to their sight. This happens every year in Punta Tombo, where the largest continental colony of Magellan penguins in the world gathers. 

One afternoon is enough to live this magical experience that astonishes everyone the same. In these reservations of the Chubut province, the closeness to the penguins is such that nobody remains untouched by emotion and learning, during the only moment in which these animals get out of the water: to reproduce and to change their feathers. 

No pre-arranged shows here. Nature disposes and it allows for the discovery of the habitat, the geography and the fauna that interacts with these fun birds.

4) Watch wales from the beach

Another option to be amazed is the Municipal Protected Area of El Doradillo, 15km away from Puerto Madryn city. These enormous soft sandy beaches with cliffs provide an ideal scene for the appreciation of the whales. They can be perceived a few meters away from the shore, quietly navigating, as if they were curious to see all the groups of people that walk alongside the beach, all of them happy and in awe to see them come so close.

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is the season for the magical experience to watch whales and their calves, just a few meters from the beach.

5) Submarino amarillo

Since 2014 a semisubmersible boat allows the people to observe these animals and their behaviour very close. By respecting their habitat and waiting for their approach in due time, visitors have the chance to appreciate their immensity from a privileged perspective. 

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