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The Glaciers

El Calafate & the Awesome Glaciers

In the heart of South Patagonian steppe, next to the Andes, is one of Argentina's most scenic areas, commonly referred to as Lago Argentino and the Perito Moreno Glacier, declared "Universal Heritage" by the UNESCO. 

At the base of this and other landscape wonders, El Calafate, provides travelers with all the necessary services for an unforgettable stay. Dry and dramatic, El Calafate, it’s considered the capital of the glaciers. 

Six reasons to visit El Calafate

1) Perito Moreno

Let your imagination fly and think that you are in front of a continuous row of buildings of 60 meters high… but of ice. The singular ice color is due to the ice density, hard to find in any other place. And from time to time, the glacier roar anticipates an ice detachment and you may witness how a part of this ice buildings is fallen down the water.  

2) Minitrekking on the Glacier

Imagine yourself walking on the glacier. Reality will surprise you, since the glacier is not a flat surface. You will find on your way small hillocks, some others of over 15 meters, small lakes, holes and cracks. You will hear inner water flows and the own roar of the moving glacier that faintly starts collapsing under the ice pressure. The sun effect is another gift that only the Perito Moreno Glacier may offer. It is even possible to feel burdened by the senses and feel disoriented. This experience may be a bit tiring in the physical aspect but will be undoubtedly rewarding.    

3) Glaciers in Argentine Lake

The first impact of this lake excursion will be the icebergs barrier of the Upsala Glacier. Be surprised by some giant masses of floating ice that will make the ship seem small. The effect of the first rays of sunlight over that millenary blue will seem to be unreal.  

The ship will make a photo stop that will allow you not only to take a picture but also to get in touch in an intimate way with nature. Later many other experiences will turn up which one more amazing. In some tours it is possible to see sea remains on the stones eroded by the ice along millions of years. After taste of the ages in which this region was part of the ocean. 

4) Nautical Safari

The Perito Moreno glacier astonishes and leaves speechless all those who develop the capacity to appreciate it. In the case of the nautical safari, the program including navigation alongside the wall of ice provides a feast for the senses and it makes you feel insignificant as you approach the walls of the glacier from a different perspective that cannot be reached from the paths… The panoramic approach from this side is a gift that can only be reached through the nautical safari.

5) Patagonic lamb 

This is the best dish of the area. This Patagonic dish can be cooked in several ways like in a grilled or on a saucepan with other ingredients. Here the typical way is to prepare it roasted in stakes on an open fire during 3hs. The result is an unforgettable ambrosia. 

6) Calafate Mountain Park 

Either in Summer or Winter, this place allows you to take the best pictures of the Patagonic landscape as well as enjoying fun activities such as snow tubing, trekking or quad rides. The chairlifts will lead you to the top of the hill that will show you the most breathtaking views of the Argentine lake and the steppe. 

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