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Uruguay, the peaceful rolling plain

Uruguay the peaceful rolling plain

Uruguay is a country that traditionally receives travelers with the natural manner of its grounds and inhabitants. Tourists of the whole world come looking for the beauty of its sceneries and the warmth of the Uruguayans, which are a distinctive symbol of this country.

To the traditional tourist places such as Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento, it is possible to add other destinations of spectacular growth like the oceanic coast of Rocha. Wonderful beaches for all tastes: from almost virgins up to those that organize musical shows, and from those of wild waves up to the family oriented.

Our main reasons

Picoresque Colonia del Sacramento

Only 40 km from Buenos Aires, Argentina, one hour by boat or only 2 hs. from Montevideo, by bus, this picturesque town was declared Cultural heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO in 1995. Founded by Portuguese’s and disputed for centuries by the crowns of Spain and Portugal, it keeps the magic of its history intact.

The lively Montevideo

Founded with military and merchant nature, the city of Montevideo was transformed itself in an important military square and in the main port of the Rio de la Plata. Nowadays, the tourists can find traces of what was like back then. The Old City tells a part of this history up, being its main witnesses, the port of Montevideo, the Town Hall, the Matriz Chapel and the Ciudadela doors.

The surprising wine route

Uruguayan wines have become more well-known. About one hour north of Montevideo, the wine region is home to some great “bodegas”, wineries that offer some of the best wines of South America.

9 days - 8 nights

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