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Las Pampas

The vast Pampas region

An immense plain called “La Pampa” covers the central area that surrounds the city of Buenos Aires, a total area of about 1.000 km2 (630 sq. miles) and with a fertile productive soil reaching a depth of 2,5 meters (8 feet). It is probably the most famous territory of Argentina: The fertile humid Pampa where gauchos live.

Home of the legendary gaucho, all the romantic fantasies about Argentina are concentrated here. An immense land fit for dreams and for man to rediscover himself. Extensive fields of alfalfa, sorghum, wheat, maize or sunflowers under an endless blue sky. Prairies reaching out of sight dotted with thousands of head of cattle which are the basis of the asados (roasts) of the best meat in the world. And presiding over these plains, fine ranch houses, horses hitched to a rail and the gauchos taking mate beneath the shade of an ombĂș tree.

9 days - 8 nights

Unique Argentina from the Glaciers to th

Buenos Aires, IguazĂș Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier

from $
11 Days - 10 nights

Buenos Aires and patagonia: wild life, g

Southern Argentina, Patagonian glaciers, Land of Fire, Atlantic Patagonia

from $
9 Days – 8 nights

Fly and drive in the Argentinean Andes

North West of Argentina. The Andean region including The Humahuaca canyon.

from $
7 night / 8 Days

Experience Argentina off the beaten trac

Overland inside the deep Argentina including the IberĂĄ wetlands, the South American forest and the IguazĂș Falls.

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