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A different and private way to explore Argentina and bordering countries out of the tourist rushes, showing you whatever is authentically local, amazing and unforgettable, while making you feel comfortable and safe.

Deep Argentina and Paraguay can be explored in a brand new way, on private road trips, expeditionary style, without tour buses, without timetables, without crowds, enjoying and relaxing while taking pictures at your own pace on a specially designed expedition trips.

Expeditions off the beaten track 

Covitour is a company with over 30 years in the tourism market.

As my wife and I were the founders of the company, and of course, we have been working here all that time, which has allowed us to know Argentina and neighboring countries in depth.

Right now we are to focus show in a simple way some unusual aspects of this continent of extremes. That's why we designed and developed special road trips for very few people. In those immersive trips, you will experience our "of-the-beaten-track landscapes". You could visit rainforests and savannahs, arid deserts surrounded by Mars landscapes, multi-colored mountains, hidden waterfalls in the jungle, and vast marshlands with plenty of wildlife, most tourists don't get the chance to see.

Besides, you will be grateful to get in touch with the local people, know their anecdotes, their way of life, their myths and customs, their hopes and their fears. The people here are lovely and they are pleased to welcome visitors.

We know from our experience unusual places and must-see trails where a foreign visitor can marvel at jaw-dropping panoramas without a pinch of a crowd to spoil the view.

Our goal is that in addition to world-famous attractions such as Patagonia, the Andes, or the Iguazú Falls, those who visit us know at least a hidden part of the South Cone of South America, the less famous but no less surprising. That is why we were focused on our "Road trips" products.

For more information on these sample itineraries, you can refer to our specialized website.

We suggest that you have a look at the best-kept secrets of our region listed below.

Jungle, falls and crisol of history and culture

The jesuit missions, the guarani trace & the european immigrants

From a social, cultural and religious perspective the Jesuit Missions were a unique experience. They were founded between 1609 and 1818 in the heart of the La Plata basin, in a region that comprises the present-day Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The creation of these colonies was one of the most remarkable events in the history of mankind.   ...


Ibera Huge Wetlands

The Iberá marshlands means “shining waters” and this describes perfectly what the visitor will see in this unique area. This ecosystem is not a place receiving massive tourism which makes it a perfect place for those wanting to closely get in touch with nature but also caring the preservation of species.  ...


Bañado La Estrella

This fantastic wetland invites you to navigate among submerged trees and creepers making the whole landscape seem a surrealist picture. Idealy to visit from April to September, when the Pilcomayo River keeps this wetland flooded contributing to create a natural spot of singular beauty and the right place to share adventure activities with family or friends. Lodging consists of camp sites or modest ecologic shelters. The na ...


South Pantanal

One of the most amazing live shows on Earth.

Imagine an ecosystem with an area almost as large as Poland, a huge inland delta almost uninhabited, except for the impressive wildlife. This is the Pantanal, one of the most immense and virgin ecosystems on the planet. A natural wonder, home to a great diversity of flora and fauna. It’s ...


Deep Paraguay

Wild and enchanting, a country to be discovered

Located right in the center of South America, has no outlet to the sea. Paraguay is an island surrounded by land, as once was described by a poet. Paraguay is still hidden from tourists, but it offers untamed natural beauty, incredible wildlife, and a great tradition and colonial history to discover. ...


The Andean world

The wondrous roads of The Andes

In this kaleidoscopic region of salt pans, undulating plateaus, hundreds of volcanoes, multicolored mountains, and high plateaus which are shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, the humans have settled since time immemorial in their fertile vall ...


7 night / 8 Days

Expedition from Buenos Aires to Iguazu F

Experience deep Argentina on an extraordinary journey through The Pampas from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. An incredible guided road trip crossing huge rivers, the incredible Iberá Marshes and the deep jungle.

from $
6 days – 5 nights

Iguazu Falls & The Jungle off the beaten

Marvel at the Iguazu Falls, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and experience the jungle at Surucuá Lodge. An incredible experience in one of the largest remaining virgin rainforests, as well as one of the most biodiverse in the world.

from $
6 Days – 7 nights

Paraguay and The Pantanal off the beaten

A great experience of a lifetime. This expedition is a unique opportunity to capture incredible moments of nature in all its splendor. This guided road trip allows you to enjoy a unique experience in the paradise of the Pantanal.

from $ 1
8 days / 7 nights overland

Experience The Andean World off the beat

Enjoy an unconventional guided road trip in the heart of the Andean world, through amazing landscapes rich in contrasts and an ancient culture. Along the way, towns and villages rich in archaeological remains, adobe houses and chapels that show much

from $