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Bañado La Estrella

This fantastic wetland invites you to navigate among submerged trees and creepers making the whole landscape seem a surrealist picture. Idealy to visit from April to September, when the Pilcomayo River keeps this wetland flooded contributing to create a natural spot of singular beauty and the right place to share adventure activities with family or friends. Lodging consists of camp sites or modest ecologic shelters. The native Pilaga community will teach you the secrets of this paradise.

Our five reasons to visit this area

1) Amazing landscape

The landscape to be enjoyed by the visitors looks like a surrealistic picture. It is as if the forest was trying to emerge from the depths as the colors of underwater vegetation contrasts with the bright waters, thus generating a unique combination. This is what happens in Bañado La Estrella, the third wetland in Southamerica for it size. 

2) Enjoy the nature

The sensation of overwhelming peace provoked by the landscape is to be eternally treasured. As access is progressively gained, surprises arise: thousands of bird species that inhabit the zone make their glorious entrance and the fire red colours of dawn serve as a background to the silhouettes of the vegetation.

The sound of the aquatic birds breaks the silence and a variety of green tonalities reflects trees and creepers on the water.

3) The natural Show of nature

You cannot appreciate such a natural show every day, so one would want to cover it all the way to the horizon, which would be virtually impossible, as the space has a dimension of 400 acres. It is a sublime immensity crossed through by the Capricorn Tropic.

4) Bird watching

In Formosa birds fly around everywhere enjoying producing a wonderful ecosystem that provides excellent living conditions. This is their kingdom and travellers respectfully arrive to observe and admire them in the midst of a tropical impressive landscape.

Bird observation in protected areas of the province is one of the best ways to engage with nature in the Litoral, where over 50% of the Argentinean species with wings can be found. 

5) Native cultures 

The craftsmen route gets closer to the travellers in a track through three communities that handle inherited techniques to perfection. The native wichis, tobas and pilagás share their works of art in the midst of a natural landscape.

The route fills with colors and textures when it crosses Formosa, starting at Ingeniero Juárez city. This happens because native wichís, pilagás and tobas do their work with wisdom and ancient techniques and they generated the Craftsmen Route that visitors can enjoy throughout different districts within the region.

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