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Jungle, falls and crisol of history and culture

From a social, cultural and religious perspective the Jesuit Missions were a unique experience. They were founded between 1609 and 1818 in the heart of the La Plata basin, in a region that comprises the present-day Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The creation of these colonies was one of the most remarkable events in the history of mankind.  

In these same lands, between the end of the XIX Century and beginning of XX Century, there was a unique phenomenon of encounter and multicultural integration, where history was scored embodied by the native people and the arrival of a colonization of families from Europe. Both together have created a unique cultural melting.

Four powerful reasons to visit this area

1) Jesuitic Missions

During the XVII century, the jesuits and the Guarani tribe accomplished one of the most relevant chapters of the Human History. They showed a social, cultural and religious lifestyle that was the only one on its kind and still lives on. 

Breathe the spiritual atmosphere of the past and allow yourself to be immersed in this moving testimony where the silence will make you imagine how the life was in ancient ages.

2) The Jungle 

Going into a jungle path in a great state of preserve towards the heart of the Biosphere Reserve Yaboti is a unique and fascinating experience. In the jungle the silence is only interrupted by the birds singing, the blowing wind and the animal sounds. All the senses are invited to join the experience, smelling fresh air and wet herbs, admiring the vast vegetation and the red soil and hearing the jungle sounds. 

3) Moconá Falls

Imagining that the course of a river falls sideways sounds illogical, but such a place exists and it is called the Great Moconá Fall (whose name stands for "that which swallows everything"), as named by the Guaraní people who inhabited this area. This geographic feature is unique in the world, it is a three-kilometer-long canyon with falls that run parallel to its course, in an incredible natural show.

4) The ancient ¨Guarani Trace” 

The Guaraní cultures are as rich as the biodiversity of the habitat where they have lived forever. They guide the learning journey through the wonderful and mythical Guarani world. The experience of getting to know the native cultures in depth is aimed to promote the preservation as a resource of environmental, economic and social development of these rural communities. 

The Guarani Trace itinerary enriches those wanting to be the main character of a magic trip where music, customs and nature leave a permanent trace in our memories.   

5) The Path of the Settlers

Go into the roads of the region, it will seem like a trip in time towards the Europe of ends of S XIX and principles of S XX.

The whole region was epicenter of a great migratory mass of European population.

Although the scenario and the climate were very different from their places of origin, the families quickly became farmers colonists on the basis of the family farm replicating the customs of their countries of origin and that the new generations conserve in the present.

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