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The Andean world

In this kaleidoscopic region of salt pans, undulating plateaus, hundreds of volcanoes, multicolored mountains, and high plateaus which are shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, the humans have settled since time immemorial in their fertile valleys and ravines and even in the inhospitable highlands, at an average height greater than 4,000 masl, adapting to the relief and altitude.

Lost roads of Paraguay

The country is a crossroads for overland travel. Rural Paraguay roads are totally well off the beaten track destination few know about.

Rolling hills of the Sierras, natural reserves of dense subtropical forests, extensive palm tree savannas, and an infinite number of rivers, make up the varied Paraguayan landscape, the original territory of the extensive Guaraní World.

Southern Paraguay is home to some of its most significant historic sites, such as the ruins of the Jesuit settlements, some of them are ranking as the world’s least-visited UNESCO-listed sites.

7 night / 8 Days

Argentina off the beaten track

Overland inside the deep Argentina including Ibera wetlands and Iguazú Falls

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6 giorni / 5 notti

Pura natura

Cascade di Iguazu & SurucuaLodge

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6 Days – 7 nights

Paraguay off the beaten track

Photografic safari inside the pantanal

from $ 1
8 days / 7 nights overland

High Andes off the beaten track

Overland into the Andean Region. Where America touch the sky

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