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The Andean world

In this kaleidoscopic region of salt pans, undulating plateaus, hundreds of volcanoes, multicolored mountains, and high plateaus which are shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, the humans have settled since time immemorial in their fertile valleys and ravines and even in the inhospitable highlands, at an average height greater than 4,000 masl, adapting to the relief and altitude.

The wondrous roads of The Andes.

The roads of the Andes incite curiosity and wonder. How far do they lead? Where are the gorges lost? Since when do they carry and bring? The Andes is an extraordinary reality, many of its paths are not obvious, but they exist, created by the coming and going of its inhabitants over the centuries. 

On our guided expeditionary road trips you will be almost alone in a vast and extreme, other-worldly scenery.

The landscapes

Landscapes in The Andes changes as long as you move forward, always with strange mountain formations behind and forth, sometimes you will imagine going in a mars landscape.

Imagine the extraordinary sensation of touring these isolated lands, these multicolored mountains, amid volcanoes and salt flats, some shepherds with a small flock of vicuñas, mountain passes of altitude reaching 5,000 meters, dusty valleys and timid inhabitants ... It is certainly an extraordinary sensation.

7 night / 8 Days

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6 Days – 7 nights

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10 nights - 11 days

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Special departure. November 30 to December 10, 2021

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