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Ushuaia, at the end of the world

Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, is a picturesque city with an elegant commercial center. The Beagle Channel treasures unique species in the world and this is reflected in the local dishes that suit the most exigent tastes.

Five reasons to visit Ushuaia 

1) The End of World city 

With its priceless landscapes that combine sea, glaciers, forests and lakes, all surrounded by the white summits of the Andean Range, the city offers an outstanding scene. But above all you will constantly feel that you are in the southernmost city of the world, only beat by the furious encounter of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the mysterious Antarctica that waits beyond.   

2) Navigating along the Beagle Channel

Exploring Ushuaia from the water is a wonderful experience that reminds you of the feats achieved by explorers like Fitz Roy or Darwin. Apart from enjoying a landscape of singular beauty and make a photo stop at the sea near the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, the ship will sail among some islands hosting a wide range of sea fauna.  

3) Ushuaia delicatessen

Ushuaia counts on a great choice of restaurants from the simple ones to the gourmet properties. All of them base their dishes on local products like the crab from the Beagle Channel, seafood of all kind, lamb and other delicacies. Enjoying your meal is just a matter of opening the door at any picturesque restaurant. 

4) Shopping 

Ushuaia is a tax free zone, you may find ítems at a good price such as electronic devices, sporting clothes and others. 

5) The End of World Train 

The history of the region explains the growth of Ushuaia towards the end of the XIXth century when a jail was settled. The convicts were obliged to work in the worst conditions collecting stones and wood to build the city. To speed up the work process it was also built a railway that connected the jail with the forest.

Part of this railway was restored and you will be able to ride a comfortable train to appreciate the landscape and imagine the many stories that the forest hides.   

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