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Ibera Huge Wetlands

The Iberá marshlands means “shining waters” and this describes perfectly what the visitor will see in this unique area. This ecosystem is not a place receiving massive tourism which makes it a perfect place for those wanting to closely get in touch with nature but also caring the preservation of species. 

The vastness of the landscape combined with the sing of the hundreds of water birds, mammals, and reptiles that break the silence make this place to be a great option for those looking for destinations completely out of the beaten tracks.  

Our six reasons to visit this area

1) Colonia Carlos Pellegrini 

The district of Carlos Pelegrini is a small rural spot representing the gate to the marshlands. Touring around its streets, which bear Guaraní names, the main square may be accessed. The attractiveness of the marshlands and lagoons lies not only in their sceneries, but also in the customs and traditions of its people.

2) Wildlife observation.

This zone is formed by lagoons which, joint to marshlands and swamps, create a wetland that represents the perfect habitat for hundreds of animal and plant species, as well as numerous butterfly varieties. It is possible to visit streams and lagoons by boat. There, visitors may observe monkeys, deer, capybaras, caymans and hundreds of birds.

Very early In the morning, is the perfect time to contemplate the fauna and its customs and during the sunset the animals display their greatest activity before the present public.

Always have the camera of photos to hand to be able to capture the best moments in contact with the nature of the Iberá. 

3) Walk the area

Walking gives a different view of the Iberá. Immersed in the palm groves and floating floors with the company of specialized guides, animals are discovered that only inhabit this area, and the locals always surprise with their wisdom in pointing out some of the varied uses of local plants.

4) Lake safaris

These excursions are ideal to get closer to the abundant avifauna of Iberá. The boats go through the marshes, travelers are immersed in the sound of the birds and in the tranquility of the yacarés that sleep calmly in the sun, when, suddenly, someone is able to photograph with emotion a deer of the swamps jumping with Grace.

5) Visitors center

It is ideal to visit the Center for the Attention to Visitors once you are ready for an adventure in the Esteros, because in it you can get information on activities relating to the appreciation of culture and nature at Reserva Provincial Iberá. Either independently or in the company of a Provincial Parkguard, travellers depart from this point to their excursions.

6) Enjoy the stay

Between rest and contemplation, you will learn of ecology no less than in one of the largest protected wetlands in the world. The brooks, slides, embalmed and bathed are the home of hundreds of birds, infinite reddish horizons, and a warm and calm spirit that makes want to extend the stay to live a little more.

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